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Are you looking for flowers you can give for your special someone? Need to have flower arrangements for a company event or a special family reunion? Or maybe you need to get a really nice looking bouquet in short notice?


With all your flower requirements, did you know that you can actually order them online now from various Dubai flower shop stores and have them delivered to your location? Let’s take a closer look at why you should try to buy flowers online.


Save Time

Have you ever been in that situation where you are preparing for a party or an event and you forgot to order flowers? Well, with Dubai flower shop nearby your area, you can always rush to their store to buy your flowers or have them make you your requested bouquet. But better yet, why not just quickly log onto their website and order your custom-made bouquet right from the comfort of your own home or office? You can pay online using your credit card or other means of payment such as Paypal and just have your order delivered to your doorstep. This way helps you save so much more time compared to dropping what you are doing and then going to the Dubai flower shop to pick up your order. You save time in commuting back and forth from your location to the flower shop and whatever time you save, you can use on continuing your preparations for the party or event. Check out Mercury Flowers flower shop now to see what you can buy online when it comes to flowers.


Delivered to Your Home or Desired Location


Another good thing you get from ordering flowers online from a Dubai flower shop is that you can just check out and have the option for the flowers to be delivered to your home or chosen location. So this comes in very handy of you are buying flowers for someone who is in the hospital because you can express or show them that you care even if you cannot be there at the moment or immediately.


Also, ordering flowers online and requesting for delivery can be a good way to make sure that the flowers arrive at a certain location even if you do not know where exactly that address is or whether it is far or near. With a flower delivery service, you can have the delivery guys worry about finding the location while you can be at your office or work taking care of your own tasks.


Online Payments


The nice thing with online orders is that even if you don’t have cash on hand, you can still buy stuff. So the same applies for ordering flowers online. You always have the option to add more if you need more because you are not limited with what available cash you have with you when buying the bouquets.


Online payments are also secure and you can present the receipt to your company if you need to if you are buying the flowers not for personal use but for an event at your company or a as part of a project.


Know how you can buy the freshest flowers below:

If you ever ask a florist about some of the most popular flowers for weddings, he or she might come up with at least 10 types of flowers. That’s because contrary to what many people believe, it is not just roses that take the top spot when it comes to wedding flowers or bouquets. Flower delivery shop in Dubai actually receive a lot of orders or requests for bridal flowers other than roses. Here are some of those top bridal flowers:


You might think of Netherlands as the home for these beautiful flowers, but actually they originally come from Persia. Tulips are a popular choice for wedding flowers because they represent “ consuming love” and “happy years” and come in a wide range of colors such as white and cream, pastel, pink, yellow, and peach. They are also very in demand because they are affordable, look really elegant, and are available almost throughout the year. So for couples who are going to get married, they don’t have to worry too much about whether their florist can actually get them their order of Tulips. Need to get Tulips for your wedding, event, or special occasion? Check out Mercury Flowers now and get some great discounts and offers for your next bouquet order.


Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are also known as Arum Lilies and they are originally from Africa. For many, their trumpet-shape form is the most unique part that helps easily distinguish them from other forms of lilies. In the world of flowers, Calla Lilies signify “magnificent beauty” so there is no question why they are so popular for bridal bouquets as well. The most common color it has is creamy ivory but Calla Lilies also come in other shades like yellow, orange, dark purple, and mauve-pink.



Hydrangeas are magnificent to look at especially as a bundle or bouquet because they come in a variety of colors and work perfectly as center pieces on a dining or buffet table. They have big bushy heads and their petals come in shades of pink, burgundy, blue, and purple. But the most popular variety is the one that changes in color from bubble gum pink to sky blue as it blossoms. In the world of flowers, Hydrangeas represent “vanity” so many people not just choose it for wedding but also for glamorous events like fashion shows, corporate events, and even art shows.



Gardenia is an exquisite flower with a captivating fragrance and comes originally from South Africa. Although the large and creamy ivory petals of the Gardenia can bruise easily, many people still choose it for weddings as it is beautiful as a centerpiece or a headdress for the bride. Some people also use it for decorating the venue for the wedding or as a corsage or hair accessory.

These are just some of the flowers you can get aside from roses if you are looking for a bridal bouquet for your wedding or if you are helping someone plan or organize their wedding event.